Life Needs Internet #2


Life Needs Internet shows a number of handwritten letters combined with video portraits of those who wrote the letter. Each letter describes how the author feels about the influence of the internet on their daily life. Life Needs Internet documents digital culture through handwritten letters.


All letters are written by different people varying in age, culture and occupation: e.g. a tribe member from West-Papua, an engineer from Singapore, an artist from The Netherlands, a student from Afghanistan, a business woman from India or a computer engineer from Cuba. Together these letters document how humans feel and think about the internet and how this may differ per country and generation.


The aim is to recreate this work every few years. The first version is from 2012. This one is from 2017. The next version will again tell new and different stories showing that there is no single global digital culture.


The Life Needs Internet installation is part of the ongoing project which documents and archives all the handwritten letters.


All photos are by Gert-Jan van Rooij.


2017, installation
9 x monitor & mediaplayer



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