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New Update Available


Join a group of seniors in VR and preview your own future lack of digital skills.


New Update Available is a video work in which you attend a computer course for seniors hosted in a fictional online VR network, a so called ‘metaverse’. During this computer course you will experience how each of the participants deal with problems of digitalisation within their lives: ranging from forgetting passwords to discussions on how to battle digital illiteracy itself.


The audio used in New Update Available was taken from real life computer course participants recorded by Jeroen van Loon between 2018-2019. Now their original voices and conversations are used to create a speculative view on how we might deal with digital literacy in the near future.


Participants of such computer courses join them not only to learn basic digital skills but also to socialise and keep in touch with each other. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, these courses were suspended while our reliance on digital technology became even bigger.


The main question New Update Available poses is: is digital literacy fixed with better, faster and more ‘high-tech’ technology, or, will there always be a need for such computer courses, even in VR? Perhaps, in 25 years time, also Jeroen van Loon himself might need a computer course on how to access his crypto-currency pension within a VR network. 


2022, 4K video
13:10 min,



By Sjoerd Mol


Sound design

By Arno Peters (Tape TV Productions)

Made in collaboration

Hors Pistes (Centre Pompidou), 2022
Creative Industrie Fund NL

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